About Us

We created CovidNews so we can help you stay informed.

FREE Real Time Covid-19 News Aggregation. We make Covid-19 information accessible, so you can stay informed at all times.
Let’s agree that the information age can be overwhelming. Not only is there a lot of information in total, but it is also scattered all over the web. In order to save your time and energy, we bring all of the Covid-19 news, updates, insights, tips, guides, articles into one place.

CovidNews.ai is a leading news aggregation service entirely focused on coronavirus-related information. A leading provider of compelling and useful electronic real-time news and content, CovidNews.ai has developed the methods and technology to meet constantly changing Covid-19-related information from all over the world.

With CovidNews.ai, you get precisely the news and information you need to stay informed —from many, varied high quality online sources — without any need to negotiate multiple contracts, formats, and integrations, all free of charge. We receive, enhance, combine and filter news and content received from national and international news bureaus, agencies and publications and distribute more than one million total stories per day.

CovidNews.ai provides content via it’s superior cloud based technology platform allowing information to be distributed and updated with the lowest latency possible, in a consistent, compatible format. For more information about the technology we use, please reach out to our team using the contact section.