Vaccine reservations are opening again for people who were up for the shots in the first half of the year but had their reservations canceled when supplies ran out.
The sign-up begins at midnight Wednesday and ends in eight days.
The authorities say there are about 200-thousand people who are eligible but most of them are aged 60 to 74.
The shots will be given starting from the fifth of July and instead of AstraZeneca shots as originally planned they’ll get Pfizer.
But these vaccines will not be available for people who didn’t sign up before.
This second chance comes at a time when variants are a particular cause for concern.

“As of now, the clinical trials and epidemiological studies show that the major vaccines are effective enough against variants. Also, current domestic variant cases stand at 1.9 percent, a relatively low rate compared to other countries. We will maintain a preventive stance by continuing to strengthen the vaccination process and monitoring variant cases.”

In fact, studies showed that vaccines following full inoculation have a 60 to 88 percent effectiveness rate against variants.
Studies also show that vaccines are effective against the Delta variant the fastest spreading variant worldwide.
In the meantime, health authorities are also considering strengthening measures to prevent variant cases coming into the country especially the Delta variant.
This includes longer quarantine periods or limited travel from the variants’ major epicenters.
Meanwhile the rate of critical cases and deaths continues to fall and as the nation’s vaccination process gathers further pace authorities believe the death rate especially will only get lower.
As of Tuesday, the country has reported 2,6 total deaths a rate of 1.32 percent.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News. Reporter :


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