(TAP)- In a bid to provide more transparency on the progress of the national jab drive, the Health Ministry has decided to develop the electronic vaccination platform “Evax” into a database open to the public including all data related to vaccination, said Health Minister Fawzi Mehdi on Tuesday.

Speaking at a press conference on the latest developments of the epidemiological situation and the progress of the national vaccination drive, the minister indicated that the Evax platform is now open to the public.

The database includes all data on the number of people registered, age groups, distribution by regions, and all information related to the convocation of people registered on this system, he explained.

Mehdi pointed out that the number of vaccines administered since the launch of the national jab drive early March has so far reached one million 557 thousand doses, specifying that 46% of Tunisians over 60 years had been vaccinated.


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