(TAP)-The Tunisian Confederation of Citizen Enterprises (CONECT International) called for giving priority to the vaccination of businessmen operating in the international trade field, especially export and tourism.

The goal is to help them ensure the continuity of their commercial and economic activities, given the need to travel abroad in appropriate health conditions, explained the CONECT International president Foued Gueddich.

Businessmen operating in the export and tourism sectors in particular are often bound to travel, hence the need to make sure that they travel in good health conditions and ensure their protection.

All countries require a negative PCR test result or a document certifying COVID-19 vaccination for all air, sea and land travel.

Tunisia has prioritised vaccination for government and health sector officials, followed by the military and security forces and the education and tourism sectors.

Since the launch of the Evax platform in January, there has been controversy over the identification of priority sectors for vaccination.

100 days after the launch of the jab drive on March 13 till June 20, some 1,583,153 vaccines were administered, according to the Health Ministry.


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