Songkhla governor Jaruwat Kliangklao, centre, speaks to a woman as he visits a Covid-19 vaccination venue at a gymnasium in the Tinsulanonda stadium, Songkhla on Tuesday. (Photo taken from PR Songkhla Facebook page)

SONGKHLA: Songkhla reported 293 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, with 263 linked to a cluster at a canned seafood factory.

Songkhla governor Jaruwat Kliangklao, also chairman of the provincial communicable disease committee, said the new infections at the Songkla Canning Co were detected via an active screening process among people from at-risk groups connected with the factory.

Those groups comprised people who had come into contact with confirmed patients, those who stayed in the same buildings as infected people, those who worked on ferries and those who had come into contact with infected people at an Islamic centre in Yala.

The 293 new infections raised the provincial total to 3,758. The death toll stood at 15.

The governor said those newly diagnosed were taken to hospitals and field hospitals. Health workers continued to conduct mass testing in communities.

Songkla Canning Plc posted on its Facebook page on Tuesday that the factory would be closed on June 23-24 for cleaning and disinfection.


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