Health Minister Greg Hunt says the European Medicines Agency ruling that the AstraZeneca vaccine is “safe and effective” is an “important piece of global news”. Italy, Germany and Denmark were among more than a dozen mostly European countries who temporarily suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine over blood clotting concerns. “I think this is a very important piece of global medical news,” Mr Hunt said. “What we see is the European Medicines Agency has made the same conclusions as the Australian TGA, the Australian chief medical officer, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation that AstraZeneca is safe and effective. “We’ve seen it rolled out with over 11 million does that have been administered in the UK. It’s saving lives, and it’s protecting lives and it will do that here in Australia and it will do that around the world.” Mr Hunt told Sky News the government is still aiming for its goal to have first doses of the vaccine administered to those who want it by the end of October.


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