The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Thursday affirmed that his administration is taking biosanitary measures in the face of a possible third wave, which —he clarified— has not reached the national territory yet. “The third wave is underway in other parts of the world, and what we must do is anticipate ourselves, in case it arrives, and be ready to face it,” he expressed. Therefore, the Head of State stressed that a working group of ministers has been set up to anticipate what the third wave would be like and how the nation can be equipped for a better response in every sense. “The third wave is not here yet. We are taking measures to have enough ICU beds and anticipate the oxygen demand,” he said. The top official recalled that —when he took office in November 2020— there was not a single contracted vaccine. Nonetheless, the country now relies on 48 million committed doses. “We continue negotiating with suppliers, and we hope to close (the deals); that is very close, in the next two weeks,” he added. According to the statesman, the most important defense against the pandemic is the vaccine. “At the same time, the vaccination capacity is increasing,” he highlighted. Presidente @FSagasti: Es un honor supervisar la labor que despliegan las Fuerzas Armadas, policiales y el personal de salud en Iquitos y en toda la región Loreto, en defensa de la vida, la salud de los peruanos y el desarrollo del país.#AccionesEnLasRegiones — Presidencia del Perú ???? (@presidenciaperu) March 18, 2021 (END) VVS/CVC/MVB


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