Preparations are underway to set up a mass Covid-19 vaccination centre in Estonia’s second largest city of Tartu. A venue mostly used for large sports events will be turned into a centre for vaccinating more than 1 000 people per day, ERR reports.

The Tartu City Government in cooperation with the Tartu University Hospital Foundation and the Tartu Ambulance Foundation have begun preparations for the opening of the centre at the A Le Coq Sport arena located at Ihaste tee 7.

The plan is to create safe vaccination areas, vaccination sites and a surveillance area with doctors allowing to vaccinate 1,000-1,500 people per day. Around the venue, there are appropriate parking facilities, other factors of choice include close proximity to bus stops, spacious rooms and good ventilation.

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Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas commented: «We have begun making preparations in good cooperation with Tartu University Hospital and the Tartu Ambulance Foundation, so that the rapid vaccination would not be delayed due to logistics, premises or staff, but would get underway as soon as the vaccines have arrived.»


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