WILLEMSTAD – The Kitten Rescue Curaçao Foundation sterilized and vaccinated 163 cats in collaboration with two Dutch vets last week.

During this week, stray cats were caught and owners who did not have the financial means offered their cats for the free sterilization and vaccination.

To drastically tackle the enormous overpopulation on the island, the foundation invites Dutch veterinarians several times a year.

Due to the chosen approach and cooperation with local parties, the foundation can keep costs very low, making sterilization on a large scale financially feasible. The foundation hopes to be able to sterilize and vaccinate around 1000 cats this year, provided the Corona measures allow this.

“For the time being, we don’t have the illusion that we can all prevent the enormous number of kittens that are born on the street. But we can certainly prevent a lot of suffering by sterilizing and vaccinating as many stray cats as possible, says Miriam Bleeker, chairman of the foundation. Every kitten born on the street is one too many.”

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