Less than a hour ago South Korea’s health authorities announced new special prevention measures that will be imposed in the capital area from Wednesday.
This announcement comes after the nation’s daily COVID-19 cases has been staying between 300s and 400s for a while but the government is hoping to lower the cases below the 200 mark.
We have Choi Won-jong on the line for us to explain what the measures are.
Fill us in.

Right, the health authorities have just announced stricter prevention measures on Tuesday morning specifically targetting the greater Seoul area hoping to lower daily cases below the 200 mark.
Now, these special prevention measures include stricter inspections at places that are constantly violating prevention measures.
And in Gyeonggi-do Province for two weeks the health authorities will randomly select and inspect places that could have potential cluster infections.
Due to large cluster infections from workplaces with foreign workers the health authorities will be teaming up with the local governments from Seoul and Gyeonggi-do Province and will strengthen prevention measures at workplaces where many foreign workers are located.
They will be inspecting an additional 25-hundred workplaces that have weak prevention measures.
The health authorities will also specifically select 30 places where many people visit in the spring time such as parks, department stores, and shopping areas.

Won-jong, can you tell us the latest number of COVID-19 cases today?

That’s right.
3-hundred 63 new COVID-19 cases were reported on Tuesday staying below 400 for the second consecutive day.
Of those new cases all but 18 were locally transmitted.
With 3 additional deaths the total death toll now standing at 1-thousand 6-hundred 78.
More than 68-percent of the new cases were from the capital region.
However, many sporadic cluster infections have been reported from places like saunas and bars nationwide.
We will see whether the government’s new special prevention measures will be able to halt a potential 4th wave this coming spring.
Back to you, Mark. Reporter : peterwjchoi@arirang.com


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