The headquarters for emergency situations of the city of Nis assessed that the epidemiological situation in that city is extraordinary, turning into disastrous.

As it is stated, the situation in Nis is such that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the sharpest increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus has been recorded. A statement issued late last night said that the headquarters decided that the flea market and car market would be closed for the next two weekends. As stated, the city headquarters ordered the competent services to rigorously control and supervise the observance of the prescribed epidemiological measures – intensified work of the Communal Militia and communal inspectors with the assistance of members of the Police Administration. It was also ordered that the Public Utility Company “Gorica” take all measures of epidemiological protection during the upcoming funerals – it is forbidden to gather more than five people outdoors, it is mandatory to keep a physical distance or wear a mask. The public utility company “Tr┼żnica” was ordered to respect epidemiological measures in green markets and the quantum market, and the Public Transport Directorate to take rigorous control and supervision measures in compliance with measures in public city transport. The city headquarters appealed to the citizens to immediately, with the first symptoms that indicate infection with the coronavirus, contact the doctors in the COVID clinics. Citizens are invited to apply for vaccination, assessing their health and considering contacts in the last five days before going to the vaccination point. As it was announced, the Health Center Nis has all types of vaccines against the coronavirus. The headquarters announced that 80.000 citizens have been vaccinated in Nis so far, making it the leading city in Serbia in terms of the number of vaccinated residents. According to the data of the Health Center in that health institution, coronavirus has been confirmed in about 200 patients in the last few days.


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