Medical Council of Malawi MCM has cautioned health care practitioners against the tendency of knowingly exposing the patients and the public to the risk of contracting corona virus

Acting registrar of the council Richard Ndovie has said this after reports that some practitioners are continuing to care for patients while they are sick from COVID-19

Ndovie said the tendency of some health care practitioners to work through illness of covid- 19 presents a serious threat to the patients, colleagues and the public health

“Health care practitioners working while sick is bad enough during ordinary times as it is inconsistent with the fitness to practice principles but during the covid-19 outbreak it could be catastrophic,” Ndovie

The MCM acting registrar says the council is aware that some practitioners are forced to continue consulting patients while they are sick because of fear of letting down the patients or abandoning them and fear of burdening colleagues

However, Ndovie said they risk becoming victims and vectors of the disease

Therefore the council advises directors to put strong policies restricting health care professionals working while sick


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