MANILA – Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Alfonso Cusi has issued an advisory to all power generation companies and industry stakeholders to ensure reliable and stable supply of energy as the government started its coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccine rollout.   Cusi directed generation companies to ensure power supply especially in Covid-19 vaccine cold storage facilities and healthcare facilities, with prepared emergency response protocols and continuity plans in cases of power outages.   Necessary support including installation of backup power supply should be provided in cold storage facilities and healthcare facilities.   To ensure enough power supply during the inoculation program, the energy chief has ordered to keep generating facilities at the maximum dependable capacity, managing water reservoirs to ensure optimal production of hydroelectric power plants, and securing adequate supply of fuel as well as maintaining reasonable fuel inventories.   He also reminded industry players to comply with the grid operating and maintenance program for this year.   “The DOE is working non-stop to establish an uninterrupted supply of electricity services at the onset of the vaccine rollout by the end of first quarter of 2021. We have been meeting with the members of the energy family to fortify our strategies,” Cusi said in a statement Thursday.   In cases of emergencies and power outages, he urged stakeholders to have backup personnel in power plants and augment maintenance crew to immediately respond to emergencies.   Cusi added that close coordination with the national and local government is also crucial in ensuring reliable power supply during the immunization program.   He said security forces could be augmented in major power plants as needed, and industry stakeholders should coordinate with their respective local government unit regarding the locations of cold storage facilities. (PNA)    


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