A medical provider received suspiciously inflated procurement contracts with the Healthcare Ministry, including, in one instance, a contract in which it received more money that what was provided in its original proposal. VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski presented some of the contracts the Kubis Medical group received in a short period of time, and blamed Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce of clearly favoring the company.

The most dubious procurement is the purchase of tomography machines for the Kavadarci and Gevgelija hospitals, where the company ended up receiving 15 million denars (245,000 EUR) more than what it initially asked for the machines.

The initial offer surely included the expected profit, meaning that the second, much inflated offer, contains extra profit. Where did these money end up? In the pockets of the Government or Minister Venko Filipce?, Stoilkovski asked, adding that “Filipce’s favorite company received contracts worth a total of 5 million EUR in three years”.

The company also provides various disposable medical gear to a number of hospitals, but its big item contracts are in tomography machines. Just from the start of 2021, Kubis Medical signed contracts for such machines with three clinics in Skopje and the Stip and Ohrid hospitals.


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