The rapid increase rise of Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours has led the Greek authorities to consider implementing new restrictive measures, which will be announced today.

Speaking on SKAI TV on Wednesday morning, government spokeswoman Aristotlia Peloni ruled out a total lockdown, saying the country’s productive activities could not be suspended. At the same time, she confirmed that changes in the SMS movements code 6 were being re-examined, ie for users to only be allowed to move on foot and not by car with the code 6.

Ms. Peloni explained that, whatever measures are decided, they would come into force from tomorrow, Thursday, as there is no reason for delay. She also stressed that the government’s priority is to open retail and schools.

The Infectious Diseases Committee is scheduled to hold an extraordinary meeting (instead of Friday) at 11:00 today, in order to decide on the recommendations to the government for the plan to stop the pandemic outbreak.

Based on the available data at the disposal of the government and the experts’ panel: On the one hand, there is the burden of the epidemiological load with many mutations, on the other hand, the immense pressure on the National Health System (NHS), and finally the need to return to normalcy after Clean Monday.


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