President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il said that preventive medicine was fundamental to socialist medicine and ensured that the system of a doctor’s charge of families without precedent in the world was established for him or her to visit patients instead. This never slips the memory of our people despite the passage of time.

True to their ideas, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said at the 8th Congress of the WPK that the general purpose of public health was to ensure that all the people could substantially benefit from the socialist health system and live in good health.

Although they live in a remote mountain village or an out-of-the-way coast hamlet in our country everybody are cured by their doctors in charge even of their petty disease.

In addition, doctors in charge take care of the health of working people at our mines, coal mines, factories and all other work places, too.

Doctors make it a rule to visit common workers at their places of work, examine their health and adopt measures to give them medical treatment.

Rodong Sinmun


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