Chandigarh, Jan 31 (PTI) A three-day pulse polio drive began in Haryana and Punjab on Sunday.

The National Immunisation (NID) round of Pulse Polio 2020-21 started in the two states wherein booth activity was undertaken on the first day.

In view of the present scenario of COVID-19 pandemic, all health officers and frontline workers are working with full precautions like use of personal protective equipment, wearing of masks, using sanitisers and gloves, etc.

The teams are following the hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and social distancing measures, the Haryana government said in a statement.

Nearly 37 lakh children are to be covered during this campaign in Haryana. This campaign will continue for another two days by way of house-to-house activity.

On the first day of activity, approximately 20 lakh children under five years of age have been administered polio drops.


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