The Guam Memorial Hospital is standing down its COVID-19 vaccination clinic as a precaution to protect both its patients and its hospital personnel.

According to GMH associate administrator William Kando, GMH gradually began scaling down its vaccination clinic during the last week of January preparatory to completely standing it down by the first week of February.

“After the first week of February, we’re standing down our clinic because our clinic is quite different from GRMC. At GRMC, they’re vaccinating outside their hospital and in their main lobby. But for us … the public is coming into our facility, all the way through, through the lobby … up to the fourth floor,” Kando said during the GMH board’s last meeting.

He said this set-up is a challenge for GMH and runs contrary to its visitation policy.

“And it’s taking the same staff that runs our infection control and employee health programs. We really need to get them focused on our infection control and employee health programs. Otherwise, we’re going to be compromising CMS guidelines,” Kando said.

He added that GMH just waited until it could complete the administration of 200 shots for those who needed their second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.

For subsequent vaccinations of those who still need their first or second shot, Kando advised them to have their vaccinations elsewhere.

“There are plenty of available clinics now to get second doses. The University of Guam is running quite a large clinic. And those places are no longer having any lines,” Kando said.

He added that just because people got their first dose at GMH, they don’t have to return to GMH to get their second dose.

“It’s not necessary that if they got their first dose vaccination here that they have to go back to GMH. They can go anywhere else as long as they have their card with them. We all share the same database,” Kando said.



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