He pointed out to increase in the percentage of positive tests during the past three days, and the increase in infection rates in many countries of the region and the world, stressing that this calls for caution.

Ayed stated that these developments in the epidemiological situation come in conjunction with the government’s continued implementation of the safe and gradual plan to open sectors, which began in the middle of this month in three phases, the second phase of which will start on Monday, in addition to students gradual return to schools in the second semester, which will start next week, February 7.

He stressed that the developments in the epidemiological situation require everyone to adhere to the highest levels of caution and prevention, pointing out that continuing to open sectors must be accompanied by a greater commitment to preventive measures, especially wearing masks, physical distancing, avoid gatherings, and sterilization, in addition to receiving the vaccine, saying: “These measures are the only way to avoid any relapse, and to ensure the continued control of the epidemiological situation.”

He added that “commitment is not a luxury, but a collective responsibility in order to protect ourselves, our people and our society, and it is a national and humanitarian duty that we must all assume,” expressing hope that this commitment will continue “so that we will not suffer any setback.”

The media minister also stressed that, in conjunction with the safe opening of sectors, oversight authorities will intensify supervision and increase efforts of inspection teams to ensure compliance and control any violations of individuals and businesses.


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31/01/2021 22:24:53


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