ORANJESTAD, WILLEMSTAD – According to the implementation plan that Aruba has drawn up for the vaccinations against Covid-19, the authorities need about 10,000 doses for the first two groups to be vaccinated.

According to the scenario, this will happen before April 1. The population is divided into seven groups. The first group includes care providers who can come into contact with corona patients. This involves more than 300 people. The second group consists of the oldest, most vulnerable citizens, namely the residents of nursing homes. That is about 5000 people in all.

As is known, Curaçao wants to vaccinate 60+ people first, adults with a chronic disease and healthcare workers. This involves almost 40,000 people.

Curaçao’s approach therefore differs from that of Aruba. According to the website www.24ora.com, people over sixty with chronic health problems and people under sixty with chronic health problems will only be vaccinated in Aruba after April 1.

Then it is the turn of the other care workers, followed by the other 60+ people and as the last group all other adults.

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