A smartphone application named ‘Your doc by your side’ will be launched on Tuesday under the auspices of Ridha bin Juma al Saleh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, at the Chamber’s main headquarters in Ruwi.
The App will provide a remote and online medical evaluation of patients at their doorsteps. The App is equipped with a database of medical and health services that provides easy and quick access to patients and will make it easy for citizens, residents, visitors and short-term tourists in the Sultanate to find their doctors anywhere in the Sultanate in a short time.
The application shows a map of the Sultanate marking all healthcare establishments; hospitals, health complexes and centres, clinics, pharmacies, in addition to mobile health services such as consultation, home healthcare, emergency.
The application includes seven sections. The first section shows the basic data of healthcare facilities including pharmacies, opticians and medical laboratories. The second is for consultations which allow patients or users to conduct an online conversation with doctors with the opportunity to send photos if required.
The third section is a window for medical practitioners to register themselves as people who are ready to take part in providing home healthcare. The fourth has other health professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists and cupping therapists to provide continuous and comprehensive care and follow-up.
The fifth section is dedicated to life coaches carrying out conversations with patients based on trust and confidentiality to help them identify themselves, define their goals and eventually encouraging them to make a drastic change in life. Section six is designed for emergency doctors, which will provide quick assistance by showing a list of the nearest paramedics, doctors, hospitals, or ambulances.
The seventh section is more educational, which includes awareness videos and guidance intended to teach individuals how to act correctly in emergencies. It also includes some reliable health publications and announcements from the Ministry of Health or external health organisations.
The project will also teach users how to provide home healthcare to patients who underwent surgeries or those suffering from bedsores without appealing to healthcare facilities.
The project is aimed at raising general awareness among the community members, and to facilitate access to health data and services, and provide information on the health services required for tourists and visitors in the Sultanate, in addition to keeping abreast with technological development in health services. Its vision is to create a larger health platform in the Sultanate, that hosts all government and private health services. It will save time and effort for health services seekers.


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