Turkey plans to resume face-to-face education in mid-February with the “highest capacity possible” amid the ongoing mass vaccination process against COVID-19, Turkish Education Minister Ziya Selcuk announced on Wednesday.

“We have a determination to open schools as of Feb. 15 with the maximum capacity possible when we observed the current situation of society, families, parents, and children,” Selcuk said in an interview with the CNN Turk broadcaster.

He noted that there has been a significant expectation at the point of opening school with face-to-face learning in public.

Turkey had previously switched to online education in high schools due to the growing COVID-19 cases.

According to teachers, there has been a serious learning loss in distance education, and its compensation would be laborious. Most of them believe that in-person education should be started as soon as possible with extra COVID-19 related measures if needed.

Selcuk also assured that both teachers and students would be in a controlled environment at schools, paying the utmost attention to the rules against the coronavirus.

The mass vaccination process started across the country on Jan. 14 with the COVID-19 vaccines developed by the Chinese company Sinovac.

Since then, over one million citizens, including healthcare workers, people in nursing homes, and those aged 90 and over, have been vaccinated, according to the Health Ministry’s data.

The program would continue in the upcoming days with the vaccinations of people aged 65 and above and those working in specific sectors, including teachers and academics. 

(c) Xinhua



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