The German authorities are considering the possibility of introducing the mandatory wearing of professional respiratory masks of the FFP2 class, Bild reported.

Since January 18, such a measure has already been in effect in shops and public transport in Bavaria.

According to the newspaper, the decision on the mandatory wearing of respirators nationwide can be made on Tuesday. Also, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will discuss the tightening of other measures due to new strains of coronavirus – in particular, the possibility of introducing a curfew, restricting the work of public transport, and full transfer of employees of enterprises to a distance, where possible.

Tough quarantine measures have been in effect in Germany since December 16. All retail outlets are closed, except for food, household and some other stores selling vital goods. Hairdressers, museums, theaters, beauty salons do not work, schoolchildren study remotely.

Earlier, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz recommended that the population, instead of ordinary medical masks, wear professional respiratory masks of the FFP2 class in public places, announced an increase in the minimum distance from outsiders to 2 m and urged employers to transfer the maximum number of employees to work remotely.


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