In spite of the positive trend in coronavirus testing and less people being hospitalized over coronavirus-related complications, the National Civil Protection Directorate is still not ready to commit to easing restrictions, citing the possibility of a third wave of infections.

This is unwelcome news for businesses, especially those in the service industry, who are on the brink of bankruptcy. The existing restrictions are in place until January 31st, when they will be re-assessed.

Commenting on the situation with the coronavirus, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said that the downward trend is encouraging, and added that should the trend continue, it would provide hope of possibly rescinding some of the restrictive measures in the future. He concluded however, that this would depend entirely on Croatia’s epidemiological situation and on the opinion of experts.

So far, more than 46 thousand people have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Krunoslav Capak, the director of the Croatian Institute for Public Health, today commented on the death of 29 people in Norway that has been linked to the Pfizer vaccine, of which Croatia has ordered one million doses: “Some of those people would have definitely died with or without COVID-19 and will or without the vaccine. So, it’s very important for the inter-disciplinary commission to consider the documentation, to establish if someone died from a side effect caused by the vaccine, or from something else.”

Meanwhile, some 50 MPs were vaccinated in Croatian Parliament today. Primarily from the HDZ and SDP. Others either did not request vaccination, or refused the shot until citizens that fall under high priority groups are vaccinated.

Source: HRT


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