Abu Dhabi private school teachers, administrative staff and their families on Sunday received the Covid-19 vaccine at their respective schools as part of the nationwide vaccination campaign to protect the UAE community from the ongoing pandemic.

The one-day vaccination programme was arranged by Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek) in coordination with Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha) and the Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap). Health workers visited various schools to vaccinate the educators.

Neeraj Bargava, principal of Abu Dhabi Indian School, said he was the first person at his school to be administered the vaccine.

“The school has 320 teachers and 150 other workers, including administrative staff, drivers, maintenance workers and others. All received the vaccine at school on Sunday, except for those who had earlier taken the jab from other vaccination centres,” said Bargava.

“I am happy that all our staff and their spouses, as well as myself, have received the vaccine. It is very important for the protection of everyone at school. When the teachers and other staff members are safe, the students are safe.”

Leena Dsouza, teacher of Middle Girls at Abu Dhabi Indian School said the vaccination process was quick and relaxing.

“The medical staff were friendly and briefed us about all the precautions to be taken in case any symptoms occur,” Dsouza told Khaleej Times after taking the vaccine.

“Thanks to the school and the health department of the UAE for their heightened concern. The vaccine will help protect us from contracting the coronavirus during our physical schooling and will enable us to meet our students in a safer way.”

Another teacher, Vinita K, said he appreciates the initiative taken by the school and health authorities to provide a convenient and well-organised vaccination campaign.

“It was highly systematic and tension-free. By getting the vaccine, I feel that I am socially committed and can meet my dearest students and colleagues in a very safe way,” he said.

Salman Khan, deputy principal of Islamia English School in Abu Dhabi, said 75 per cent of the 216 teaching and administrative staff at his school, with some of their family members, have received the vaccine.

“It is exceptional and rather sentimental to see the generosity of the UAE rulers who extended their timely help even-handedly to all residents of UAE, irrespective of their nationalities,” said Khan adding that the teachers were excited to be a part of the vaccination campaign.

“The trust in the UAE government encouraged teachers and administrative staff to go for the vaccine without any hesitation and reservations. They were overwhelmed to receive the vaccination and have appreciated the efforts of the local government that went all out to provide maximum support in saving humanity.”

According to Khan, teachers are also frontliners now and must support the government’s vaccination programme.

“The teachers are not only taking the vaccine themselves but are also inspiring and motivating others to be vaccinated at the earliest,” he said.



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