763 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Croatia and less than 13 percent of those tested were positive. 38 people have died. Vaccination of on-duty personnel from services that are currently active in Sisak-Moslavina County continues.

Employees from the Interior Ministry, Red Cross volunteers, firefighters and doctors working in the Sisak-Moslavina County are being vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine. This morning, members of the special police were vaccinated.

“I got vaccinated to protect myself from this virus that is going around now, to protect others around me, so that I am safe, said Special Police member Denis Mlakar.

“They are a priority,” said Zvonimir Šostar, the director of the Teaching Institute for Public Health.

“The situation does not allow us to relax for a single moment, because we know that every epidemic has three waves, the first is a little milder, the second the most frightening and there is a third wave that is again somewhat milder, so that we cannot relax. Masks and distance? Absolutely yes,” said Šostar.

The European Commission is negotiating with member states to redirect part of the Covid-19 vaccine from the common quota to Croatia as part of earthquake relief. 2The number of infected people in Sisak-Moslavina County grew even before the earthquake,” said the director of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases Alemka Markotić.

“I think that we will have to look in the long-term to see what the consequences of this are, but again the situation is different now because we had a vaccine, we had quick antigen tests, and we didn’t have all of this together at the time of the first earthquake. We could react with additional testing and vaccination. So that I am not that pessimistic as far as the situation is concerned,” said Markotić.

In Zagreb County, there were 66 newly infected people, in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County 69. In Split-Dalmatia County, 98 people were positive out of about 500 tested. “This is not a situation for relaxation, because a larger number of newly infected people appeared in the primary school in Jelsa,” said the head of the County Civil Protection Headquarters Luka Brčić.

“This is a number that with a little relaxation can grow several times in a short period, therefore we must still responsibly respect the existing measures. On Monday the second semester begins in schools, and that is an additional challenge,” said Brčić.

There were 114 new coronavirus cases in Zagreb, and so far about 9,500 people have been vaccinated, while in Croatia the total number of people vaccinated is more than 41,500.

Source: HRT


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