THE Ministry of Health and Social Services has once again vowed to hold accountable those who are spreading fake audio recordings about the Covid-19 vaccine.

This comes after several audio recordings were posted on Whatsapp and Facebook in which a woman claiming to be an employee of the health ministry is warns Namibians to stay away from hospitals should they develop any Covid-19 related symptoms.

The so-called employee alleges that patients are “being forced to get vaccinated” and she says many people have died as a result of the vaccine but government is concealing the deaths.

Health executive director Ben Nangombe has however strongly condemned the allegations.

“In the strongest possible terms the ministry condemns with contempt they deserve the audios that are circulating on social media, these are unadulterated lies that do not contain any shred of truth.

“We will work with law enforcement authorities to identify and hold to account those that are engaging in this despicable conduct of spreading falsehoods,” charged Nangombe.


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