A 97-year-old Emirati received the first dose of China’s Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine in Al Ain on Thursday.

Senior citizen Nekhaira Obaid Saeed Al Dhaheri took the jab at Abu Dhabi Health Services Company’s (Seha) Neina centre in Al Ain.

His son said: “My 97-year-old father decided to join the rest of the family in taking the vaccine. We encouraged him to take the jab in line with the visionary UAE leadership’s wise decision and in support of the nation’s efforts to beat the pandemic and protect the community.”

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Nekhaira’s son said that doctors at the centre first assessed his father’s health and later administered the vaccine. “I encourage the community, particularly senior citizens, to take the jab in a bid to protect themselves and their loved ones,” he said. “I also encourage everyone to refer to official sources for information about the vaccine, and not to pay attention to rumours.”

Earlier this week, health authorities in the UAE noted that the vaccine can be administered to senior citizens in their homes.

Citizens and residents can visit any of more than 150 medical centres around the UAE, where the jab is being administered. They can also contact the ministry at 800 11111 for more information.

Last month, in the United Kingdom, grandmother-of-four Margaret Keenan made history after getting a potentially lifesaving birthday present in the form of the Covid jab.

With one shot, Keenan, who is 92 years old, officially launched the UK’s nationwide coronavirus immunisation campaign — the largest such effort in its history.


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