Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 4:44pm

‘Shop alone and only once a day’ ask firms

The Island’s major food retailers have come together to call on customers to wear face covering in all their stores.

The group, which includes Shoprite, Tesco and the Co-op, is also asking for only one member of a household to go shopping, and only once a day.

It’s after reports of some attending stores multiple times a day during lockdown, with firms stressing that a shop visit shouldn’t be seen as ‘a social trip out’.

Andy Corrie is the retail lead at the Chamber of Commerce and area manager at the Co-op:

Rules on coverings will only apply to those who aren’t exempt, and enforcement will differ between each company.

The group has also called for government to consider the position of food retail workers on the vaccination priority list.

It’s due to the risk they face in continuing to come into contact with customers, despite all the precautionary measures put in place to protect them.


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