Muscat: The second batch of Covid-19 vaccine (11,700) doses arrived in the Sultanate on Saturday.This batch of vaccines will be used to supplement coverage of the same target groups in the first phase, which includes groups of the community including dialysis patients, chronic lung diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma with moderate to severe severity of the disease, interstitial lung disease) and diabetes patients aged 65 years and older.It also includes categories of health workers, including intensive care unit workers, staff working in Covid-19 words, health workers suffering from the following: obesity (BMI diabetes, dialysis, and those suffering from chronic lung diseases as mentioned above.The Ministry of Health appreciates the outstanding response of individuals during the first phase of the National Campaign for Immunization against Covid-19. In addition, it emphasizes the need to continue taking the vaccine by the targets during the next phases, raise the level of community awareness of the importance of the vaccine, not to turn to rumors, and to receive information from reliable official sources, which serves the interests of the individual as well as the community.


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