The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Julien Mahoro Niyingabira has told IGIHE that the new facility is not a replacement of existing COVID-19 treatment facilities.

“It is not a replacement but rather adds up to existing CVOID-19 treatment facilities. The hospital is uniquely designed that it will help us to attend to more patients compared to Kanyinya facility. As announced earlier, we are undergoing expansion to increase hospitals across the country so that patients can be treated at nearby health facilities,” he said.

According to Rwanda Biomedical Center, efforts of setting up other COVID-19 ICU treatment centers in all provinces are ongoing.

The main COVID-19 treatment center at completed Nyarugenge Hospital was opened yesterday after 42 private health facilities were granted authorization to test Coronavirus so that people tested positive countrywide can be attended to before the situation worsens.


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