The Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura (HFT) which has been rendering invaluable service to the people in the health sector since 2002 has addressed a letter to the minister for education Ratan Lal Nath suggesting ways and means of curbing drug addiction in Tripura. Regarding their evaluation of the situation in regard to drug addiction Dibakar Debnath , the general secretary of the HFT said that during recent times drug addiction in Tripura has grown by leaps and bounds. What is of utmost concern is that the prevalence of dangerous injectable drugs has gripped mostly young boys in the age group of 14-26. This has resulted in a spurt in Hepatitis-B virus related diseases and , what is most dangerous, there has also been a spurt in HIV positive cases as a result of intake of injectable drugs. The drug suppliers can also be contacted easily by the drug consumers. This easy availability of drugs has been playing havoc with the health and well-being of the people of the state.

Apart from its evaluation of the situation the letter addressed by HFT general secretary Dibakar Debnath has put forward specific suggestions on how to curb the menace of drugs in Tripura. This includes enactment of a stringent law against inter-state and inter-country drug trafficking. A strict application of the law against drug suppliers and drug traffickers. Like cigarettes to people below the age of 18 , sale of drugs should also be banned for people of all ages. Besides, a host of other measures to prevent and stop drug addiction should also be initiated . Debnath has requested the minister for education to take into consideration all factors cited in the letter and initiate stringent measures to curb drug addiction in the state.


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