Manama, Jan. 11 (BNA): The Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) announced that it has started the first phase in volunteering registration for civilians to join the reserve force, for relatives of workers and retirees in BDF and the National Guard militarians and civilians.


The applicant shall fulfill the following conditions; to be a Bahraini national; applicant’s age should not be less than (18) years old, and not more than (55) years old, technicians and specialists are excluded from the upper age limit, or according to the requirements of duty; applicant must be of good conduct and have not convicted a felony or a misdemeanor that breaches honor or trust; applicant must be medically fit for military service in the reserve force, and to successfully pass the medical examination prescribed according to the military medical committees system in BDF; applicants must submit a volunteer request form on the website.


The reserve force has regulated all rights and duties of the reserve force as an auxiliary force for the BDF, and it also includes the benefits and entitlements resulting from that.


In the first phase, registration to volunteer will only be for male citizens, whose relatives are members of BDF and the National Guard, militarians, civilians and retirees. In the second phase registration to volunteer will be for the rest of society, males and females, as the first phase ends.




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