It is time to take COVID-19 seriously, let us practice what the rest of the world is jealous of lets practice Ubuntu and save lives, pleaded The Clinic Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Mark Mills to those who continue to neglect to heed to the warnings and precautions issued by the ministry of health. “In the hospitals we know that wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth, washing your hands frequently and physical distancing works; if you do that properly you will not become infected or infect others,” he added. The Clinic Group, which has the capacity to admit 65 COVID-19 patients, had as of yesterday 52 coronavirus patients, of which 42 had the symptoms for ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and any further surge in patient admissions. the Group will run out of oxygen. The Clinic Group can ventilate nine patients; however, it is not using all nine due to the shortage of Intensive Care staff to look after the nine patients. The Clinic Group reported that it was currently busy trying to find staff and train up other staff so that it can go to full capacity. “We are admitting severely ill patients who are out stripping our ICU capacity. At any one time we may have 15- 20 patients who need ICU. However, our staff is amazing and managing to pull some of these patients through on the general ward,” Mills explained. He stated that the hospitals were facing oxygen shortage and human resources. “Daily we run the risk of running out of oxygen and suppliers are just keeping up with demand despite working around the clock. Any further surge in patient admissions we will run out of oxygen. “Human resource, staff are infected in the community and must be isolated at home or in hospital, this puts pressure on staffing in the wards,” he said. Mills added that they also face a space of some medication citingenoxaparin as an example. He also stated that the shortage of beds in the government hospitals was another challenge in the fight against COVID-19. He said there were patients who died on transit while trying to seek ICU beds in the neighbouring country, which has also reported that their facilities were full.

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