The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has embarked on measures to ensure safety of teachers under its employment.

Cognizant of the medical challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic, TSC has negotiated with the commission’s medical insurance provider (MINET-AoN), to cover all teachers who may suffer from the deadly virus.

In a press release dated January 6, 2021, the teachers’ employer stated that it is working closely with the Ministry of Health (MoH) to provide psycho-social support to teachers that are in need of the services, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TSC has in its workforce, 337,432 teachers in 30,000 public primary and post-primary schools.

The commission released data as of January 6, 2021, showing COVID-19 cases among teachers since March 2020, totaling 345, this being 0.10 percent of the teacher population.

So far, deceased cases stand at 36, recoveries are 209, nine are hospitalised, while those currently under home-based care are 92.


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