This program, started in August 2019 and whose first phase ended in December, covered different hidden locations in the provinces of Bié, Moxico and Uíge.

This is a program aimed at children in the age group between zero and under five years old and their families, including children born to a minor mother or children in charge of caregivers other than parents, and who have already been registered in the previous ones. project phases.

“Children under the age of five represent one of the most vulnerable groups in the country and this government initiative aims, in essence, for a promising future for these children”, explains a statement made available by the Government.

The “Valor Criança” project supports three younger children for each vulnerable household. Each of these families benefits from 3000 kwanzas per child per month. Families with more than three children are expected to receive 27,000 kwanzas every three months.

The only condition to benefit from these values ​​is to guarantee investment in the well-being of children under five, contributing to a better family environment.

With the amounts received, families have been able to purchase products that contribute to a healthy diet, buy hygiene products (soap, bleach) and, through this mechanism, access health services more easily, with greater possibility of traveling to medical posts , purchase of medicines and mosquito nets.

It is recalled that this is a pilot program for Social Monetary Transfers, implemented by the Ministry of Social Action, Family and Promotion of Women, financed by the European Union, with the technical support of UNICEF and the Louis Berger Business Consortium, with the aim of give children a good start in life, including improved nutrition.

It was conceived with a long-term perspective and vision to face crucial problems for the development of the Angolan child: malnutrition, lack of health and living with violence.

Since its launch, this program has benefited more than 7,000 families and 13,743 children, the main objective of the project being to benefit a total of 20,000 children from 18,000 families.

The Executive also states that this is a program that is intended to be extended to the entire country, within the scope of strengthening strategies for preventing and combating sexual abuse and violence against children.


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