Pathein – A total of ten people including a gynecologist and nurses from Pathein General Hospital are found infected with COVID-19 virus on January 6, according to the Facebook account of Dr Than Min Htut, Medical Superintendent of the hospital.

A total of 155 staff from Ward 7, 8 and 9 and fever clinic are tested as a nurse from the hospital has lost her sense of smell and taste and six staff including a gynecologist are found infected with the virus.

At the present, nurse staff housing is placed on lockdown and a swab test will be conducted after three days. All patients from Ward 7, 8 and 9 are tested on January 7.

The remaining four confirmed patients including a three-year old girl are close contacts of a confirmed patient, who was found infected with the virus in previous days.

Till January 8, 773 confirmed patients are admitted to the hospital and 663 of them are allowed to be discharged from the hospital. Up to six people have died from the virus. 104 patients are still receiving medical treatment at the hospital.


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