The system built under the auspices of Compassion International Rwanda stretches along 1.5 kilometer built through Gatebe village, Susa cell of Kanjongo sector in Nyamasheke district at a cost of Rwf 6 million.

Construction activities of the system expected to distribute water to over 170 residents started towards the end of last year.

Residents have explained that the water system comes in handy to address water scarcity that has been pushing them to consume dirty pond waters.

“We have been greatly delighted because we used to fetch dirty water from far distant locations. We are bound to improve hygiene and sanitation. The water taps are closer to our homes,” appreciates Tuyishime Vestine, one of the new water taps users.

Another resident, Habiyeze Damascène thanked donors and the Government for making the infrastructure available.

“We have been cooking with dirty water but the situation is going to improve. With new water facilities, we are assured of good health. This makes us grateful to the Government and donors,” he said.

The water system will also be used by nearby school, health post and Baptists Union Church in Rwanda (UEBR) church.

Ngabonziza Benoît, the Bishop of UEBR church said the facility will help them to respect COVID-19 preventive measures when they are allowed to reopen.

“As you see, we have already built a hand washing facility and will be accessing water from this system. The infrastructure will help us to contain spread of COVID-19 and other diseases related to poor hygiene when our church reopens,” he noted.

Over 80 % Nyamasheke residents have access to safe water.

Nyamasheke district vice mayor for social affairs, Mukamana Claudette revealed that the water system comes in handy and has increased the number of residents accessing safe water.

“We are grateful that the infrastructure that residents have been requesting is available. It is indeed a great support in a sense that it increased residents accessing safe water,” she said.

Residents of Kanjongo sector in Nyamasheke district have received a new water system including public water taps enabling residents access clean water.


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