Cape Town – After spending Christmas Day in a hospital bed and being released on New Year’s Eve, social worker Nondumiso Dludla said it was her positive mindset that helped her on her journey to recovery.

The 43-year-old mother of three from Eerste River said that what started out as a mild sickness on the morning of December 19 later landed her in hospital.

“I felt I was getting worse and I immediately decided to go and do a test so that I could get a proper diagnosis. On December 21 I was informed the results were positive, and I was sick in bed at home. On December 25, I felt shortness of breath and it felt like I was dying. I was admitted at Eerste River Hospital and I was transferred to Brackengate hospital on the 27th, where I was cared for and treated. I was depending on oxygen support throughout,” she said.

Dludla, who thinks she contracted the virus during her social work home visits, was finally discharged on New Year’s Eve after her condition improved.

“It was a tough journey. It was bad, I thought those were my last days of life. I was battling with breathing, I was literally between life and death – I couldn’t even stand on my feet,” she said.

Now ready to tackle the new year, Dludla said her advice was for people to be emotionally strong and have a positive mindset if they had to face the virus.

“Try to understand and accept that life is contemporary, therefore emotional preparation for what you have to deal with is important. Yes I will not run from the truth that we are human, we become anxious especially when we hear of deaths happening, but our mindset must be positive. Look at those who survive, tell yourself the others did it, what will stop you then,” she said.

Provincial Health Department spokesperson Mark van der Heever said 169 096 people had recovered from the virus in the province since the start of the pandemic, with 259 recoveries recorded over the past two weeks.

“Covid-19 is not on holiday, it is still here and it sadly still kills. We urge everyone to reduce their risk of contracting Covid-19 by wearing their masks, practising social distancing, avoiding crowds, confined spaces and close contact, and washing hands. Remember that good ventilation and outdoor spaces are safer,” he said.

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