Recently China has had sporadic COVID-19 outbreaks or cluster infections. The Changsha Education Bureau issued a document on January 8, putting forward requirements for normalized COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control measures in the education system. The following epidemic prevention and control advice is vital for teachers and students:

First, teachers and students who live in‘high-risk’ areas are not allowed to go home during the winter vacation. Schools shall properly make the living arrangement for teachers and students.

Second, following travel restrictions. From January 8, 2021 to the end of the winter vacation, teachers, students and staffers under the city’s education system are not allowed to go abroad or go across provincial boundaries for visiting relatives, travelling or gatherings.

Third, taking the lead in following a simple and healthy lifestyle and avoiding mass gatherings. The number of persons at dinners is to be kept small. Family or private gatherings should have fewer than 10 people. Avoid crowded or poorly ventilated places. Mass celebrations, large-scale greetings, parties, dinner parties, among others, must be canceled.

Fourth, practicing appropriate hygiene behaviors. Students and faculty members should wash their hands frequently and keep 1-meter social distancing when queuing inside and outside the school. They should always carry masks and change them in time. Packed lunches are encouraged when dining in the school. Serving chopsticks and spoons should be used when they dine out. Students and faculty members must wear a mask when taking public transportation such as elevators, subways, and buses. They should avoid crowds as much as possible and wear a mask when visiting crowded places as required.



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