Amid bird flu scare following

the death of over 100 poultry birds in Khordha district, the Odisha government on Thursday asked people not to panic over the incident as the avian influenza virus test came negative in all five selected samples.

The Fisheries and Animal Resource Development Department in a statement said that people can consume chicken meat, eggs and other poultry products produced in the state after properly cooking them.

Panic sparked after around 120 poultry birds were found dead at Govindpur village of Badaberana Gram Panchayat under Begunia block of Khurdha District.

“A State Level Special Supervisory Team along with the District Level Rapid Response Teams rushed to the Govindpur village and took stock of the situation. Five of the dead birds have been taken to ADRI for laboratory investigation,” an official said.

“All five samples have been tested negative for Avian Influenza virus based on the Avian Influenza virus antigen test,” he said adding that rest of the dead birds was buried in deep burial method with proper disinfection measures.

The Special Supervisory Team and Rapid Response Teams have sanitised the farm premises with proper application of disinfectants, he said.

The official also said that there is no other case of death of birds in the surrounding area of the farm. However, more samples have been taken from adjoining areas for testing, he said.

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