The “Rakka” Road Show 2020 is being held by the police, together with Allied Insurance A total of 850 participants have registered for the event on Friday Run organized along with media initiative to better familiarize the public with road safety regulations and traffic laws

More than 800 participants have registered for the Rakka Road Safety Run, organized by the Traffic Management Department of Maldives Police Service (MPS), in collaboration with Allied Insurance.

MPS made the announcement following the close of the registration deadline for the run this Tuesday, detailing that a total of 850 participants had registered for the event.

The registration process was hosted through the ‘Run For Maldives’ website.

MPS and Allied had been organizing the ‘Rakka’ Road Show every year since 2014 in order to better familiarize the public with road safety, but they have faced various obstacles in the past two years, preventing them from hosting the show and related activities.

‘Rakka 2021′ is designed to include a range of events organized in the Greater Male’ Area and different atolls, to improve the public’s knowledge regarding traffic laws and road safety.

In addition to the run, the ‘Rakka’ Road Safety program will also involve the dissemination of informative clips and media content regarding potentially dangerous road accidents in collaboration with their media partners.

The road safety run is set to kick-off at 4pm on Friday in Hulhumale’, and events will proceed until 16 January where participants will receive a medal and T-shirts printed with various road safety messages as ‘Rakka’ awareness programs continue across the country.


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