Government through the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 has announced that they have resorted to use Mapanga Prison Training School to host returnees as a quarantine centre.

The taskforce has revealed this at a press briefing held yesterday in Lilongwe where it has indicated that two buses are passing Mozambique carrying about 105 returnees from South Africa.

Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, said the decision to use the Prison Training School has been reached after over 50 percent of the isolation centers have been used of which she said the situation is now worrisome.

Kandodo Chiponda has since urged the general public not to panic.

However, she says Malawians should not panic as the country has enough test kits that can run for two to three months. She has also said more test kits will be sourced.

She says the country will also open more testing centers.

The Minister has also said the country will start enforcing the measures that had been put in place to protect the public.

The Taskforce has also engaged Ministry of Local Government and Ministry of Homeland Security to help in enforcing measures that were gazzeted to control further spread of Covid-19. Mandatory wearing of masks, closing of bars at 8pm and others.

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