Dear Father:

Hmmm, 2020 and all gone oo, let us here oo. The way it treated us sefna fun. And you know, come to think of it, me I na blame the people them who say they will not add 2020 to their ages because the thing 2020 did around the world da na small thing.

They say they did not do anything, so hat year should not be added to their ages. Me, I na there oo because I got married in that year.

But who will you blame na my son?
Father, who else I will blame besides this Corona girl. She started her gronna thing in Pekin Land I na know why she na stay there and starting moving from village to village causing trouble for everybody.

Can you imagine, our own village that already gat its own trouble she didn’t spare us. Father da na small trouble Corona brought in 2020.
But has she gone with it sef?

Father da the million dollar question there oo. All the trouble and pain she caused people, everybody think say she went with it but we still hearing news that she has developed another baby that is wicked than herself.
Da true?

Oh, Father, da what we hearing all over the pace oo. The one she did in our village in the first three months where married women and married men seized their partner them and all the side chicks and side boyfriends them were catching it, it na satisfy her?
So what is the name of her baby?

Father, we only know it as Corona baby here oo, buut the book people say da new variant. They said da new one is wicked it can’t waste time.

Hmm, but ehn the people say they na find vaccine for it?
Aah, da what they say oo, but the vaccine sef da trouble.
What do you mean?

Father, the people in Uncle Sam’s village and his cousins are telling other people na to take it because they say that the devil mark they will be giving people.

Tell me something!
Oh, Father, you na hear da one yet? They say that 666, ehn you na hear about the Mark of the Beast-oo. Some even say the vaccine get something in it that when you take it they will be spying on you everywhere you go and anything you do. Imagine some of the people in Uncle Sam’s village have refused to even take it-even our man Doe-Nut says he na taking it. Da your other man pa da something else.

I say. The man na get time for anybody. Hena turned the people village into something else and everybody na putting mouth on them. Anyway we inside, at least they na taste some of the things we can go through in our little villages.


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