According to the virologist, even though the pandemic shows a decreasing trend in Hungary, the epidemiological restrictions should not be eased yet.

The Hungarian virus researcher, Dr Miklós Rusvai said the peak of the second wave was in early December, when 193 patients died a day, there were thousands of new infections and many infected patients on ventilators. Since then, a declining trend in the spread of the virus can be observed; however, the number of deaths per day is not yet declining as much.

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The virologist also added that

the coronavirus mutation, which is widespread in the UK, is also likely to be present in Hungary. That is why the epidemiological measures should not be eased yet.

“If the epidemiological restrictions would be eased, this mutation could start to spread, and the number of infected people would increase again at a high-speed rate”.

As the Hungarian news portal Szeretlek Magyarország reports, the second important factor why easing is not recommended is that the negative data on the epidemic still has not reached the level we experienced in the second half of September last year, which was a relatively acceptable situation in the middle of the pandemic.

According to the virus researcher, mitigation is not appropriate until the numbers are similar to that period. Accordingly, if the current epidemiological measures remain, the more contagious new mutant will not start to spread so intensively, so we can reach that state by the end of January.

In order to stop the pandemic, herd immunity will serve as the leading solution for which

“at least 3-4 million people need to be vaccinated. This might be realised by the end of the year.”

– said Dr Rusvai to RTL News.

The virologist hopes that by March-April there will be enough coronavirus vaccinations in Hungary so that all the applicants can receive it.

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