Four village tracts in Dwelo Township in Hpapon district, Kayin State held a  protest on January 6 morning for the closing of military camps and stopping of its activities in the area according to Thoolei News-KNU department of information facebook page.

Locals of over 1,000 from Meiwei, Meithu, Laykhawhti, and Narkokhi village tracts in Dwelo Township marched along Khawwar to Khawphokhi road holding banners saying their desire, objection and demand. 

According to the Thoolei News-KNU department of information facebook page, Military columns entered in these areas to reinforce their forces, while some military regiments camped inside the village and carried out military activities, and passed  the boundaries limit they had agreed. As a result, a firefight broke out between KNLA and military columns, and after that, the military used heavy artillery to attack villages and pastures. Besides, drones were used for military investigation, the 

Locals also objected to construction of roads in Hpapon district to control the area.

Because of the military activities, locals fled their villages, and they are in constant worry for doing their farm works, and on the other hand, children, women and elderly faced hardships of fleeing their areas during the cold season.

Locals demanded that the current issues play an important role in the political sector and so respective groups should solve the problems as a priority matter, the page stated.

Concerning the issues faced by locals, KNU needed to solve the problem and submit the matter to the United Nations, and international witnesses involved in the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement were made. Moreover, pressure must be given to the government and the military to solve the problem they are facing.

Military column and the KNLA exchanged fire at the end of December 2020 near Maewai camp in Hpapon district. KNLA requested the military to remove its camp in the Maewai camp area according to the Brig-Gen Zaw Min Tun of the Military True News Information Team December 30. 


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