Friday, January 8th, 2021 1:15pm

Change comes after lockdown brought in here

Guernsey has moved the Isle of Man to the second category of its border restrictions.

Despite this there is no direct commercial route between the Islands, after the air bridge was suspended in October in relation to a cluster in Guernsey.

The change comes after the introduction of a second lockdown here, and fears Covid-19 may be spreading under the radar.

It means anyone arriving in the Channel Island from the Isle of Man will be tested on arrival and unable to visit indoor venues, except from essential shops, until they are tested on day seven.

At this point, anyone who tests negative is able to enjoy more freedoms but must keep a record of people met and places visited.

Full details of what ‘Category 2’ means can be found here: General Travel Information | States of Guernsey – COVID-19 (

The rest of the British Isles is subject to stronger self isolation rules in Guernsey, now the only jurisdiction in these Islands with no domestic restrictions.


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