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Hi Tobi, maybe worth a news post: Due to rising Covid-19 infections, German authorities have declared Madeira a “high-risk region”, starting from 9th of January. This effectively means that in the future, all returning travellers must undergo a 10-day quarantine in Germany (which can be shortened if a Covid-19 test is made from the 5th day after the return on, with a negative result). This will affect traveller numbers from Germany quite a lot, meaning even less visitors (maybe comparable to the effect of the current ban of UK travellers).

I have been getting many messages and emails about the conditions for arriving in Madeira. The Island will reopen with no mandatory quarantine from July 1st. This is the official statement below. —————————————————- Madeira and Porto Santo will reopen to tourism on July 1st, the date when the mandatory quarantine…

28th May 2020

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Leading photo from Please Read In Full. The measure comes a day after Funchal asked the central government and the aeronautical authorities for authorization to suspend all flights from countries signaled by WHO with active covid-19 transmission chains. Without answers, Madeira decided to proceed to the mandatory quarantine. With no…

14th March 2020

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International travellers will need to show a negative Covid-19 test before being allowed into the UK, the government has announced, in a significant toughening of border controls to try to stem the spread of new coronavirus variants. The new rules will take effect next week and apply to returning UK…

8th January 2021

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