Four new cases found in Chiang Mai, all linked to one venue National Jan 08. 2021


Four new Covid-19 cases were found on Thursday in Chiang Mai, raising the accumulated active cases in the province to 11, deputy governor Weerapan Dee-on told the press.

“The 54th patient in Chiang Mai is a Thai man aged 23 from Sansai district. He displayed no symptoms,” Weerapan said. “The 55th patient is another Thai man aged 28 from Muang district. He also showed no Covid-19 symptoms.

“The 56th patient is a Thai woman aged 28, who works in Bangkok but recently returned home to Sankamphaeng district. She had symptoms of coughing and a blocked nose.

“The 57th patient is another Thai woman aged 22 from Muang district. She displayed symptoms of coughing and tiredness.”

Weerapan added that all patients had visited the Warm Up Café on the night of December 31.

On Monday, the province’s 50th Covid-19 case was found after a 25-year-old woman visited entertainment venues, pubs and restaurants. The provincial authorities took proactive steps on Tuesday to find out who else she may have infected, and discovered a 28-year-old male employee at Warm Up Café who tested positive. The employee did the 3pm-to-1am shift at the pub on December 31.

Chiang Mai public health officials have traced and tested 283 persons who visited the pub on New Year’s Eve and are awaiting the results.

The province’s communicable disease committee has also ordered all pubs, bars and karaoke venues, as well as similar entertainment businesses to shut down for 14 days, and urged people who visited the Warm Up Café on December 31 to January 3 to go for a Covid-19 test immediately.

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