Cape Town – Seven men suspected of being involved in the murder of 16-year-old Jordan Moore from Atlantis appeared at the Atlantis Magistrate court on Thursday.

Moore’s lifeless body was found in November with stab wounds, his teeth knocked out and bite wounds presumably from a pitbull and a chain around his neck.

Jordan’s father, Renaldo Moore said besides having to deal with the murder of his son the family faced the horrific disconnect within the justice system.

“On November 6 my son was murdered and a detective, sergeant and warrant officer at Atlantis police station were on the crime scene where a inquest docket was opened even though the photographer on the scene told them that there were stab wounds visible on my son’s neck and chest.

“Two witnesses were also present at the time but were told that they should come back the next day to the police station to give statements. Later an inquest docket was changed to murder.

“Why didn’t the sergant and warrant officer open a murder docket in the first place, if the photographer informed them about foul play and witnesses present? The two suspects were only charged for possession of suspected stolen property but witnesses identified them that they are involved with my sons murder, ” he said.

Advocate Venice Burgins said there was a serious disconnect within the police and with the criminal system.

“We can have all these laws and regulations promulgated, but if the people or officials fail the mandate of a certain department more people will be reluctant to come forward and open cases.

“We need to highlight and put pressure on the state because the people in the community of Atlantis are still against the bail application with release of the accused because it was a gruesome murder.

“It is unfortunate that in this the gangsters are holding communities hostage within their safe environment,” she said.

The case was postponed to January 20 for a further bail application date.

Cape Argus


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